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Saving Jackie K

The Tonight Show (1962-1992) Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon Ch. 39 - Sam confirms that the team is watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, while he secretly checks his Locklier H2 2011. Johnny Carson hosts a talk show where he performs monologues, interviews celebrities, and acts in comedy skits.
The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966) Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie Ch. 43 - The decor in Mrs. Paine's house makes Iggy feel like she is trespassing on the set of a sixties sitcom-perhaps Rob and Laura Petrie's New Rochelle sitting room from the Dick Van Dyke show. A black and white sitcom about comedy writer Rob Petrie, highlighting his escapades at home with his family, and at work with his colleagues. Features physical gags, pun humor, and occasional song and dance routines.
As the World Turns (1956-2010) Various Ch. 72 - At the Dallas Morning News, Jack Ruby is watching a live broadcast of As the World Turns, when Walter Cronkite breaks in to announce that the president has been shot. A "modern-day" soap opera with doctors and lawyers featured as the protagonists, the series airs for over four decades. The soap opera genre originates from radio series sponsored by soap/detergent manufacturers.

Books in

Saving Jackie K

A Wrinkle in Time (1962) Madeleine L'Engle Ch. 45 - A book that wins the Newbery Medal for outstanding children's literature in 1963, Iggy buys it while touring Oak Cliff. A trio of angelic beings helps some children rescue their father from an insidious dark cloud known as The Black Thing. They move through the galaxy by means of a tesseract, a fifth dimensional phenomenon that shortens the distance between two points by folding the fabric of space and time.
The Organization of Work (1840) Louis Blanc Ch. 53 - Jay explains that, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need," - often erroneously attributed to Marx - in fact originated with Louis Blanc. Blanc is the first to quote the phrase in his book. He borrows the core idea from utopian socialist Henri de Saint Simon, who purports that each should be rewarded according to how much he works.
Le Voyager Imprudent (1943) Rene Barjavel Ch. 82 - Jay speculates on the "grandfather paradox," a conjecture initially posited by science fiction writer Rene Barjavel. The book explores the possibility of voyaging back in time to kill your own grandfather, which by definition means you would never have been born to travel back in the first place.

Songs in

Saving Jackie K

Surfin' USA (1963) The Beach Boys Ch. 35 - Before time traveling to 1963, Quin cheerfully whistles the tune of the harmonious Beach Boys' guitar hit as he washes the breakfast dishes.
Blue Velvet (1963) Bobby Vinton
"The Polish Prince"
Ch. 39 - On her first visit to the Carousel Club, Sera hears Bobby Vinton croon his melancholy ballad from unseen speakers.
My Boyfriend's Back (1963) The Angels Ch. 39 - Quin orders three draft beers from Jack Ruby at the Carousel, while "My Boyfriend's Back" bounces its clapping singsong melody over the loudspeakers.
Let's Turn Back the Years (1963) Hank Williams Ch. 40 - Waiting for J.D. Tippit, Dee settles for a regular Coke at the Rebel Drive-In, while Hank Williams's lilting cowboy twang warbles from the jukebox.
Hey Paula (1963) Paul and Paula Ch. 45 - As Team Orbis enters Top Ten Records in Dallas, they hear the melodious love song being broadcast on the local pop radio station.
Long May You Run (1976) Neil Young Ch. 83 - When leaving the Ford behind on the beach at Padre Island, Quin bows his head and straightens out his hand as if giving a blessing. He breaks into the signature whine of Neil Young, lamenting the loss of his first car.

Movies in

Saving Jackie K

Zapruder Film (1963) JFK Motorcade, Spectators Ch. 23 - Dee explains the motorcade and assassination, then shows the Zapruder film. As they watch in silence, the hand-held movie flickers on the wall, thrumming its spinning cadence. Abraham Zapruder's home movie of the Kennedy motorcade through Dealey Plaza. The shaky 8mm footage inadvertently captures the moment of the assassination.
Cleopatra (1934) Claudette Colbert,
Warren William,
Henry Wilcoxon
Ch. 41 - Spying on the KGB at the Carousel Club, Sam enjoys Motion Picture Night. While strippers gyrate on three runways, a reel of Cleopatra projects behind them. Not the classy Liz Taylor version, but a steamier version starring Claudette Colbert. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, this lavish epic chronicles the rise and fall of the Queen of the Nile, and her manipulative machinations with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.
Cry of Battle (1963) Van Heflin,
Rita Moreno,
James MacArthur
Ch. 76 - Curving out in a half-moon from the upper facade of the theater are large blue letters in three-dimensional, red and yellow blocky stars spelling TEXAS. An angled marquis juts out below, with bold red letters forming three rows of words: Cry of Battle / Van Heflin / War is Hell. At the dawn of World War II, the spoiled son of an American businessman in the Philippines fights the Japanese alongside Filipino renegades.
War is Hell (1962) Audie Murphy,
Baynes Barron,
Michael Bell
Ch. 76 - Running from Oswald, Dee and Iggy hide in the Texas Theater, which boasts a double feature. During the Korean War, a bloodthirsty US Sergeant leads his troops into battle. He neglects to inform his men of a cease-fire, in a brazen attempt to garner medals for himself.

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