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JFK Conspiracy Videos

Saving Jackie K is a thrilling novel that explores the JFK assassination - with a twist. What if the snipers killed his wife Jackie instead?

Here are videos of the assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald.

The Zapruder Film

"I'm Just a Patsy!"

Lee Harvey Oswald

Remix of news clips from Lee Harvey Oswald, and those who knew him.
Some of Oswald's best quotes:
"I am not a communist!"
"I am a Marxist"
"I'm Just a Patsy!"

Marie Muchmore Dealey Plaza Video

Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?

People in Oswald's life describe the man they knew . . . his mother - Marguerite Oswald; family friend - Ruth Paine; Lee's Russian bride - Marina Oswald; Oswald's boss - Roy Truly; Oswald's housekeeper - Earlene Roberts.